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The Program is entering a Hiatus following the December 2019 finals. We will be looking to reform the program in the months to come. Please check back in for more information.



Anyone able to attend 5 cadre-wide events over the 13-week program, meet with a mentor once a week (wherever works for them), and work individually to keep up progress on their project.


A flexible, one-on-one mentorship program that takes individuals from all skill levels and helps them improve through guided mentorship and collaboration. Mentees work on a problem that interests and engages them under the watchful eye of a more experienced developer guiding them toward good programming practices, industry tools, and problem-solving approaches.


All of our main events happen in locations around the Loop. Individual meetings between Mentors or Mentees can happen all over Chicagoland based on what works for the pair.


We have two cycles every year. One in Fall and one in Spring; both started with a kickoff event and capped by a presentation to the ChiPy audience on what you've learned alongside your peers.


Because you've been looking for a way to improve your Python skills and be a part of the Chicago Python Community. A Mentee comes to gain knowledge about fundamentals, web development practices, or data science wizardry. A Mentor comes to hone deeper understanding through leadership and guidance.


Python 101 - Python basics, simple algorithms, file operations, software modeling practices. Ready for beginners!
Web Dev - How to pick and use a web framework, how databases work with python, build a web app like the professionals do.
Data Science - Statistical analysis, modeling data, finding and extracting valuable ideas from raw data through charts and automation.

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